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Am I eligible for a loan?

If you are self employed or a small business owner or an ambitious young person, with a varying or limited monthly income, Vastu has a loan product for you to help you achieve your goals.

What are the types of loans I can apply for?

  • Home Loans
    Purchase of house ( New & Re-Sale )
    Extension/ Improvement of House building
    Construction of house
    Composite Loan ( purchase of land & Construction of house)
  • Non- Home Loans
    Commercial Purchase
    Loan against Property

What is the maximum tenure of the loan?

The maximum tenure of your loan is 240 months.

What are the rates of interest? Are they fixed or floating?

Fixed and Floating; Range 12%-18%

Can I prepay my loans?

Prepayment is permissible.

How do I pay my EMIs?

Usually it’s a monthly direct debit from your bank account.

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