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Non- Home Loans

Commercial Purchase

The loan is advanced towards acquisition of a commercial property for the purpose of conducting business, delivering service or any other commercial usage. The finance is provided towards ready possession /under construction units or towards land acquisition for construction of commercial premises.

Loans against property

The loan is advanced against the mortgage of an existing property which is already owned by the borrower. The property may be a residential or commercial property. These loans are for meeting working capital requirements, business expansion plans or personal usage like education, marriage etc. The property can be Residential or Commercial.

Loan Amount

Maximum Loan Amount : 50 Lacs

Loan Tenure

Maximum Tenure : 180 months
The tenure of the loan is also dependent on the customer’s profile, age of customer at maturity of loan, age of property at loan maturity, depending upon the specific repayment scheme as may be opted and any other terms which may be applicable based on prevalent norms of VHFC.

Interest Rates

PLR – 16.62%
Segment Interest Rate PLR Less/ Plus Spread
Salaried 14 -18% Less 2.62% – Plus 1.38%
Self – Employed 14 -18% Less 2.62% – Plus 1.38%

Processing Fees

Initial Non-refundable Processing Fee Rs 5000 plus applicable taxes and/ or other statutory levies
This is onetime non-refundable fee and is collected by VHFC for the purpose of appraising the application for the Loan and is independent of the outcome/result of such appraisal. This amount is payable at the time of submitting application form.
Processing Fees Upto 2% of Loan Amount plus applicable taxes and/ or other statutory levies
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