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Vastu Housing Finance Corporation Ltd ( VHFC ) is a Public Limited Company registered with National Housing Bank (NHB ) as a Housing Finance corporation. The Company was incorporated on February  04, 2005 under the provisions of Companies Act 1956.

If you are self-employed, and without comprehensive documented income or adequate credit history, getting a home loan can prove to be a huge challenge in India. This is because traditional lenders, in the current eco-system, find it difficult to ‘fit’ your case into their income assessment methods. Consequently, potential home buyers like you end up borrowing from informal lenders or sometimes abandon the dream of owning a home, despite your need or indeed the basic ability to service the loan.

Vastu Housing Finance is addressing this gap by using a combination of technology and the traditional distribution model to provide simple, easy and flexible loans, and through its unique ability to acquire and underwrite large volumes of such loans, serve this under-served community.






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About Us