Charlies Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) and Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA)

#AnimalWelfare   •   May 7, 2019

Both the Centre houses many injured, abandoned and handicapped animals that require lifetime treatment with unique needs of each individual animal. We ensure to provide shelter, timely medical aid to injured and ill animals of the street.

  • To provide abandoned and injured animals with required medical facilities.
  • To provide trauma and rescue centre.
  • To provide shelter to the abandoned and injured animals for lifetime.
  • Improve the conditions of the injured, abused and abandoned animals and are also given place to live for the rest of their life in peace.
  • 2000+ animals will be provided with shelter and healthcare supports.
  • Uninterrupted supply of essential food like essential grains and hay for feeding large Animals at the Kengeri Large Animal Rehabilitation Centre, is provided.
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