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#Healthcare   •   May 7, 2019

The tribals residing in small villages and hamlets in the forest area or remote hill areas, usually have to walk long distances as there are no proper motorable roads or transport facilities. They are compounded by the severe shortfall in public health facilities and trained workforce in tribal areas even for their primary healthcare needs. Under these circumstances, they have to struggle to avail of even the most basic healthcare facilities. As evident from data in the tribal policy brief, compared to India’s overall population, tribal communities suffer from higher maternal and under-five mortality; stunted, wasted, and underweight children; higher incidence of malaria and tuberculosis; and a high and growing burden of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension.

Vastu Housing Finance, in collaboration with Suhrid Foundation, has set up a primary healthcare medical centre in the Khandegar district, Maharashtra with a population of 1000+ tribal residents. This medical centre will help the population of around 6 to 7 hamlets which will cater to approximately 7000+ tribals.

  • To create awareness amongst villagers to approach healthcare professionals in case of any health-related issues.
  • The problems which earlier used to manifest into bigger problem because of absence of any treatment, remain well within the control.
  • Because of early detection and/or resolution of health problem, people are able to get back to earning livelihood much faster.
  • With presence of educated and well-knowledgeable volunteers in the ground, we are able to inculcate good habits amongst children and ladies in the rural areas.
  • Provide affordable health care to the villagers.
  • Train local girls in nursing – so that they can provide primary healthcare support in their own hamlets, if required.
  • Build up a team of paramedics in all the villages.
  • Educate tribal ladies about health care, hygiene, nutrition.
  • The primary healthcare centre will cater to approximately 10 villages around Palghar district, Maharashtra
  • Around 90+ hamlets, 3000+ families & 18000+ individuals in the tribal area will be served by better healthcare services.
Medical Centre Khandegar Medical Centre Educating About Health Care
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